Five traits of a Frugal Gardener

If you are looking to create or change your garden on the cheap, here are five factors that you have to have to succeed in creating a truly frugal, yet wonderful garden:

The frugal gardener must be flexible. Your master plan cannot be set in concrete. Sometimes, the greatest gardens come around through a series of happy accidents. Someone may gift you some flower cuttings or plants, and although they may not have been in your original plan, they may make fantastic additions.

Physical Fitness
This is a must for any gardener, frugal or not! There’s alwasy digging, bending and reaching to be done.

Small plants, cuttings and seeds are often cheaper than buying fully mature plants and flowers. Therefore, the frugal gardener must have an abundance of patience to nuture their cuttings and plants through to maturity instead of being able to plant their perfect garden straight off. It may take years to achieve your perfect vision, but it will be worth it in the end!

Firstly, you must have confidence in your gardening skills. It is also important when buying plants – ask for free items or reductions in price. If you don’t ask, you don’t get! If someone says no, shrug your shoulders and move on – it was worth asking! Also get used to asking people for cuttings so that you can put them into your own garden.

Use your imagination! Do you want a particular plant but it is too expensive/ Use your imagination and creativity to come up with an alternative. Sometimes walking into a garden centre with an open mind and no set shopping list can be great – you can choose the reduced plants and use your creativity to work them into your garden plans. It may also help to enhance your gardening prowess by introducing you to new plants and techniques that you otherwise wouldn’t have used.